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Nokia N 90 Presentation

Uncategorized author: Sara 03.02.2006 1


If you ever wanted to have a digital camera and cell phone in one in your pocket,company Nokia is presenting you a new model N 90,who has shown up in september,2005.
Nokia N 90 has a Carl Zeiss optics- 2 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash.Carl Zeiss is not just a marketing trick. N 90 gives you better photo and video results than previous models of Nokia company.
When we talk about digital photography and video clips,only true miners can take the honour to be on the top. Beside Sony,there is Carls Zeiss optics.



Nokia N 90 dimensions are 112 x 51 x 24 mm and his weight is 173 g.
At the first look,this model has an excellent design,but when we take and put him in our hands we can feel his weight ,so therefore he is not built for a female hand.Beside that ,this model perfect fits in your hand,and the quality of his shell is very pleasent.
The inside TFT display with 352 x 416 pixels shows 256 thousand colours.The outer TFT dipslay have 128 x 128 pixels with 65 thousand colours.We need to tell that the outer display has the ability to rotate for 90 degrees.Also we will tell you that the outer display has an option that when you receive an sms message you can read it or you can look for your missed calls.
Camera resolution is 1600 x 1200 pixels and there is three levels of picture quality.Pictures in maximum resolution are about 500 – 600 kB memory and that is too much,if you don`t have a bigger memory card.
In standard packet is Nokia N 90,litium-ion battery, BL-5B capacity 760 mAh,stereo HF set,CD ROM with PC SUITE and drivers,charger and manuals.



Nokia N 90 doesn`t have radio,but it gots a music player.Main menu content can be lis view or grid view and the customer can choose between this two options.His intern memory is 31 MB which is not bad for today`s standards.His extern memory is 64 MB but if a customer wants to have a bigger one,he can buy up to 512 MB.
Phonebook is the same,it has all of the options that have all the other phones of Nokia which are:
*new entry with five numbers(pager,office,mobile,fax and home)
*voice calling
*photo id etc

memoryYou can write long messages with T9 support for serbian language.
Organizer is classic with calendar(weekly and monthly views).It shows three entry types: meetings,notes and anniversary with reminders.
For surfing accros the internet is obliged wap 2.0 browser with Edge and GPRS connection.Beside these function we need to mention bluetooth ver 1.2 and USB connections,voice commands,oush to talk and support for MP3/AAC/MPEG4 formats…


Experience is telling us that Nokia N 90 is working very good and he is doing his job in very high level.
Audio quality is spotless,pure and loud in both direction of communication.
Weakness of this model is that he doesn`t have vibration,he is too heavy and he doesn`t have IC port.
Anyway,this model has shown as the best in his series,because with the newest software ver 3.0535.43 which shown up in september 2005.,works perfectly without bugs,reseting and his menu is very bright,it has a serbian support,and I think that this is the phone that we can say that this is a business phone.