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Nokia Mini Speakers

Speakers author: admin 09.11.2007 1

md-6_312×312.jpgWith the releasing of new line of multimedia phones, Nokia had released few very nice designed phone accessories.

Nokia Mini Speakers MD-6 is a portable speaker device for the Xpress handset. It is looking totally crazy, but still it’s usability is not questioned.

Stereo speakers are packed up in the just 4.8 inch long case, of course you can not expect that you produce en earthquake with these speakers. But on the other hand they are so compact so you can always have it with you. It’s build in battery supports up to 27 hours of music reproduction. And that is not all, as you can notice there are no cables in the picture – no it’s not bluetooth, but the cables are inside the speaker and can be unwind only when needed.

Nokia Mini Speakers MD-6 are available in Nokia stores network.