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Nokia E51 – Business in a Phone

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.11.2007 Comments Off

nokia_e51.jpgCan you imagine a world where a cellular phone is able to integrate into the normal PBX system that your business is running. Imagine the cost benefits, the advantages for routing calls, and the increased productivity of no longer having to play telephone tag with clients just to handle a few small issues. The Nokia E51 has come to answer that dream. No longer is this just simply a daydream that seems impossible. The Nokia E51 aims to allow you to easily and quickly integrate your phone into the existing PBX for your business with as little hassle as possible and help you stay on top of things with a smooth and easy to operate phone.While many smart phones are a pain to set up and use, the Nokia E51 is designed to be as simple to set up and use as possible which really is a huge help if you are unsure about what you are doing, or if you are looking for a first time smart phone. Features such as the one-touch keys that give you access to the applications you need the most are huge time savers that are customized for each individual so you never have to worry about maneuvering your way around the phone, instead you can adjust the phone to your needs.

nokia-e51-2.jpgAnother huge benefit is the e-mail key on the front of the phone itself. This alerts you to new e-mail messages and even helps you preview the messages to see what is important, and what can wait. With Nokia’s Intellisync Wireless e-mail service this is truly a phone that is designed to help businesses find a great way to integrate all of their telephone needs into one smart little package that can handle almost anything.

Add on top a sweet little FM radio, and a media player and you have a small little entertainment piece right available wherever you go. Want more features? Of course, you are getting a nice little 2MP camera that is standard for the smart phones, tossed in on top is the Nokia browser that helps you get online and use some of the Windows Live services such as Messenger and Hotmail. No longer does a smart phone have to be complicated to handle your needs; this simple phone is a great affordable option that can handle so many needs all wrapped into one nifty little device.