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Nokia 6600 slide – Compact and balanced

Uncategorized author: admin 05.04.2008 1

Nokia 6600 slide

With recent release of the Nokia 6600 fold, Nokia corporation has reviled another headset with a similar name Nokia 6600 slide.
Nokia 6600 slide is carrying one nice record as the smallest slider ever made by Nokia. Like it’s brother 6600 fold, main design feature of the new 6600 slide is simplicity and sophistication.
It’s glossy steel case cover in combination with aluminum center keys are making this headset totally elegant.
Maybe by the same name you can conclude that the 6600 slide, and 6600 fold has same features, you will be wrong, o so wrong.
Comparing to the “fold” brother, “slide” has a bit smaller LCD with “only” 2.2 inches in diagonal. But it has a better camera with 3.2 megapixels resolution.

But as the whole new Nokia series, this phone poses that tapping mode, where you can just by tapping two times snooze your alarm or reject a incoming call.

As the 6600 fold, this phone will be available in the third quarter of the year and some estimated price is 250 euros.