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Nokia 6500 Classic

Uncategorized author: Cara 11.15.2007 Comments Off

nokia-6500-classic-phone.jpgAhhh experience the sleek style of the Nokia 6500 Classic and fall in love again with the great quality of a Nokia phone. Designed to ensure you are happy there are plenty of good features packed into this thin phone that makes it hold onto a timeless look while still giving you the updated features you crave.

Some of the major features of the phone include the 2MP digital camera, which is respectable and provides a nice picture, a Micro USB slot for fast connections to computers, laptops and other similar devices for moving data and even pictures. Also included are a nice little video and music player, plus a huge 1GB size for internal memory. I know 1GB seems a bit small in today’s society, but considering the size of the phone it is a great accomplishment.

Worldwide compatibility combined together with a 16 million-color 2” screen give you perfect picture quality anywhere in the world you choose to talk. Helping keep you organized the phone comes with a To Do list, notes area, calendar, alarm clock, countdown timer, calculator and even a stopwatch. No more excuses for being late with this phone.

This phone comes in with a weight of 94 g, which includes the battery, and a respectable size of 109.8 x 45 x 9.5 mm to ensure it fits perfectly into your pocket or hand and can go anywhere you need to be. Coming from one of the most respected names in cellular phones you know the Nokia 6500 Classic is designed to last a very long time, few Nokia’s have ever really bitten the dust prematurely and this phone certainly will not let you down either.

6500.jpgA voice recorder, speakerphone features and even voice commands all help work together to ensure you can even use your phone perfectly when your hands are busy with other tasks. Definitely a good contender amongst all of the phones entering the market in recent times the Nokia 6500 Classic is an excellent choice.