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Nikon S51c COOLPIX

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.12.2007 Comments Off

s51c_sl_front34l_lo.jpgs51c_3dlogo.jpgThis is one sleek little camera, and honestly it is quite impressive. Ok, let us forget for a moment that it is a Nikon and the phone is still impressive, after all, we all know Nikon is a leader in photography for a reason. Now we all know the major reason to have a nice impressive camera is so you can take a ton of pictures to share with your friends and family. The hassle of having to upload, crop, and print pictures at times makes it seem like more hassle than it is worth.

Nikon has decided to change this perception with the S51c. This amazing little 8.1MP digital camera includes Wi-Fi ability that allows you to send pictures directly from the camera! No more struggling through stacks of memory cards now. This great feature allows you to start sharing those memorable moments as they happen, rather than having to wait until later at night or the next day to send them off to everyone.

Over all for a tiny little camera this is a great piece with a nice 3x optical zoom to provide a nice crisp close up image and the 8.1MP allowing prints up to 16 x 20 you are sure to get the snapshot that you really want without having to stand right on top of everyone. The great news is the camera can adjust in speeds all the way to ISO 1600 which means automatically handling even low light situations with no hassles on changes on your part needed.s51c_sl_back34r.jpg

Your even looking at a huge 3.0 inch LCD that is offering you a nice sized preview of your pictures before taking the shot which allows you to take the shot at just the perfect moment. Another great feature is the Pictmotion that allows you to create a small slide show from your pictures right on the camera itself. This camera is really an amazing find and coming in around the $300 mark for a point and shoot, you are getting an amazing piece.

Add to the phone the T-Mobile hotspot service that is included for free for 6 months and you are sure to enjoy the features and convenience of this camera more than any other camera you have seen in a very long time. From the Pictmotion to myPicturetown to the brilliant 8.1 MP this is a great camera for anyone who is looking for a simple and easy to use camera with plenty of features for great snapshots.