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Nikon refreshes entry level dSLR, D40X

Uncategorized author: admin 03.06.2007 2

Nikon D40XOnly four months after official announcement, Nikon is presenting refreshed version of its entry level dSLR camera D40X.

Main improvements are around used imaging sensor, Nikon D40X is using 10Mpix sensor, now with lower initial ISO setting now ISO100 ( comparing to ISO 200 on the D40 ), also the image processing was the target of changes resulting speeding up burst mode. New Nikon D40X can shoot up to 3fps comparing to D40 max 2.5fps.

It’s obvious that with this improvements in the entry level dSLR class Nikon is trying to overtake the throne from strong competition. Canon is leading the entry level dSLR market from the presentation of the EOS-300D up to nowadays and EOS-400D. Perhaps this is the right step in that direction if we know that the announced price for new D40X is $729.95 body only, and $799.95 in kit with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Nikkor zoom lens.