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Nikon hot refreshments Coolpix S10

News author: admin 09.07.2006 Comments Off

Nikon had prepared full bag of goodies for new Photokina photoshow. Besides the D80 dslr , heir of the quite successful D70/D70s models. Also S class ultracompact lux cameras got two new models Coolpix S9 and Coolpix S7c, and enrty level L class got Coolpix L5 and Coolpix L6.
Nikon Coolpix S10New Nikon Coolpix S10 successor of Coolpix S4, bringing same image sensor with 6Mpix and 10x zoom lens, one of the most important new features is VR. Vibrant Reduction is Nikon implementation of optical stabilisation, but in this case CCD is shifting to compensate vibrations. In combination with higher ISO sensitivity, up to ISO800. Nikon Coolpix S10High ISO sensitivity with VR optical stabilization together provides blur-less pictures in low-light conditions. As Coolpix S4, new Coolpix S10 have same swivel design, allowing to take photos from dynamic angles, such as holding camera above the head to capture picture over the crowd, or lowering it down to get shots from whole different perspective. S10 is equipped with 2.5” diagonal LCD display with 170 degree viewing angle.