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Nikon D60 new name of the Nikon D40X

Uncategorized author: admin 04.09.2008 1

The Nikon company has recently presented new version of the entry level DSLR body – D60. Nikon D60 has come as a replacement for previous D40X model.

Nikon D40X had really short life time, only eight months. Improvements comparing to the past model is not too long, but improvements have been made on most important parts of the camera. So it’s now much closer to it’s main competitors Canon and Sony.

Everybody who had used a DSLR camera for some time, knows that the biggest treat to your camera is dust and moisture. Not only that the dust will ruin your precious camera, but it will ruin your precious photographs.

In nowadays all DSLR cameras has some kind of system to prevent dust from entering camera body, and prevent dust particles to stick on the optical image sensor.

With D60 and it’s new dust prevention system, Nikon is a market leader. D60 is bringing totally new system based on air propulsion system that will blow off any dust particles from image sensor. Not just that, but with airflow system Nikon D60 has also a quite often seen system for dust prevention, ultra sonic vibration system. It uses high frequency vibrations of the optical sensor to shake of the dust from it.

If everything goes well with new anti dust system, we can expect to see this kind of system applied to every new Nikon’s DSLR camera.

This is not everything that Nikon has prepared for new D60 DSLR, there are few new sensors, one who turn off the LCD when you put your eye close to viewfinder, and orientation sensor so now the camera will rotate your photos – with D40X you had to do it manually.

Also another big improvement is the new kit lens for D60, new AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens. VR in the lens name is standing for optical stabilization on the lens.

If we take a look at the Testfreaks score for new Nikon D60 it’s is more then obvious that we have next Nikon’s bestseller.