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Nikon corporation has officially announced their latest DSLR camera – Nikon D5000. I would lied if I say that I’m surprised by that, cause there was some quite loud rumors with photos of new D5000. Nikon has chosen Dubrovnik exclusive holiday place on Croatia seaside to shoot the promo video for the today presented DSLR.

By the name of this DSLR camera we can assume that Nikon is starting a completely new line in their DSLR lineup – DSLRs with the swivel LCD screens. Usually the LCD on the DSLR camera has been used only for reviewing already made photo. But today with LiveView available in almost every camera that trend has been changed.

Nikon is not the first DSLR manufacturer who have published DSLR with tilt LCD, we have saw that already on some Olympus and Sony models. Judging by that trend, I’m more then sure that we will see something similar coming from Canon soon enough.

In general Nikon D500 was made to cary on the battle in the entry level DSLR class with it’s main competitor Canon EOS 500D. While it has found it’s place somewhere in between the D90 and D60 in the Nikon’s DSLR lineup. Judging by the specs of the new Nikon we can see that it has the best qualities of  both of it’s siblings. Almost all advanced features from the D90 are here and still it’s quite compact like the D60.

Optical sensor with 12 mpix resolution, same like D90 is using, but now with more advanced airflow dust cleaning, taken from the D60. Thank you god, that Nikon dropped the 3 point auto-focus, which has been used on D60, and the new D5000 has, much better, 11 point auto focusing system taken from the D90 camera. Compromises were made on the kuplung system, so you wont be able to use older Nikon lenses with mechanical focusing system – D90 can drive such lenses, but that was expected this is the entry level DSLR, in the end.

Burst shooting speed – 4 fps, just in the middle tween the D90 and D60. Viewfinder is maybe not the best, taken from the D60, using pentamirror instead pentaprism – this is the sacrifice for body size. Pentaprism just can not fit that small DSLR body – and it’s cheaper in the end.

LCD display, 2.7 inch, again something in the middle, but with important difference it can swivel and tilt and that in combination with the improved LiveView mode – you will be able to shoot from some angles that no DSLR has been before. The downside of LCD is it’s resolution of just 230 000 pixels, comparing to the 3 inch LCD that D90 is using, this has almost four times less pixels.

As I was mentioned before LiveView has been improved, comparing to the D90 LV, now it can AF track the subject in the frame.

As the Nikon stated in their press conference, D5000 will be in the stores in May, with the price that will be around the price of it’s main competitor Canon EOS 500D.