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Nikon corporation has welcomed us with their latest flagship DSLR – Nikon D3S. As we can probably assume by the name itself, it’s upgrade for current Nikon D3 DSLR digital camera. Main improvements are based around newly developed optical CMOS sensor – unfortunately same resolution as the D3, but now with almost unthinkable ISO range – up to ISO 120.400. Also D3S comes with ability to capture HD video, only in 720p resolution unfortunately. Also image buffer has been increased so it can take up 48 RAW images comparing to only D3 18. From additional improvements, there is a new faster contrast based auto-focus system as the in-camera RAW prosecting.


As you can notice all improvements are hidden inside the camera, so by the outside it’s hard to differ these two cameras. D3S is a nice improvement to Nikon’s high-end DSLR palette, with D3 (12.1 mpix resolution, 9fps), D3X (24.5 mpix, 5fps) and now D3S with improved ISO range and buffer size – just perfect for shooting indoor sports.


Nikona D3S main features

  • new fullframe CMOS optical sensor – 12.1 mpix resolution (same as the D3)
  • incresed ISO range – ISO 200 – 12800 (ISO 100 – 102.400 in HI3 mode) – quite a boost comparing to the D3
  • video recording in 720p HD resolution / with 24fps
  • bigger image buffer – for 48 RAW photos (compared to 18 on D3)
  • Multi-CAM3500FX Auto Focus sensor
  • In-camera RAW processing
  • Nikon EXPEED image processor
  • LCD display 3 inch diagonal  922,000 pixel resolution
  • LiveView with two focus modes, normal with lowering the mirror, and new much faster (30%) contrast auto-focus
  • HDMI HD video out
  • additional LV buttons on a back side of the camera

Bold features differs from the D3 model.

HD recording is the largest feature of the new D3S so lets see how that works.

Also in this video you will see what are other practical differences between D3 and newly presented D3S.