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Nikon D300 – banding problem again???

DSLR author: admin 02.25.2008 Comments Off

Soon after sale has begun for Nikons D300 predecessor – Nikon D200. Some of the users has been reported strange vertical banding problem. At first Nikon was denying existence of this problem. After a mount they have official acknowledged that the banding problem exists with D200.


As the solution Nikon has offered free repair to the all D200 owners, who’s camera was affected. Repairing was free but you should send your brand new dysfunctional camera to the service and wait for repairs.

Why we are talking about that problems with D200, cause now Nikon has exactly same problem with D300 digital camera. But now they have reacted right away and offer free repair. Good thing is that, if you camera has a problem with vertical banding appearing on some photos, you can easy fix it. By firmware upgrade to version 1.02 for D300.

It’s obvious that the shorter development time is cutting down time for testing product before sending it to the stores. But also I don’t get the fact that a company like Nikon can repeat exactly the same mistake twice?!

If you are one from the (un) lucky owners of the new Nikon D300, and you camera is affected with vertical banding problem, on lower links you can find firmware upgrade and a manual how to upgrade, depending from your used operating system.

Nikon D300 firmware v.1.02 for PC based system

Nikon D300 firmware v.1.02 for Mac base system