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d3_85_front.jpgWe had expected new dslr body from Nikon, cause there was some rumors that the production of the previous model D200 has stopped few months ago. So every body was expecting only the successor of the D200, but not only that Nikon presented totally new D300 but they surprised everyone by presenting first full-frame DSLR body the Nikon D3.

Full-frame means that the imaging sensor used in this camera body has the same dimensions as the 35mm film. What that means for photo quality, when the sensor is larger the photo receptors – pixels on the sensor are larger so they can reach more light resulting less amount of the color noise, bigger resolution and Crystal clear images in the end.

The specs of the new Nikon Dsrl D3 are really amazing:d3_14-24_front.jpg

  • First the amazing new Full-frame CMOS imaging sensor – Nikon calls it the FX format sensor with 12Mega-pixels
  • Maximum ISO sensitivity is up to ISO6400 and can be boost up to 25.600 at reduced resolution
  • New EXPEED processor allowing camera to be ready for shooting only 12ms after turning on and only 41 ms shutter lag
  • New shutter made from the composite materials, Kevlar and carbon fibers – allowing faster shutter speeds and increased life time, estimated up to 300,000 shots
  • New auto-focus system MultiCam35000FX with amazing 51 focus point
  • Auto-Focus color tracking
  • Auto-Focus lens calibration system – memory for fine tune focus for 20 lenses forget the problems with back focus
  • Up to 9fps with focus tracking at full resolution
  • Up to 11fps with no continuous focus
  • UDMA Compact Flash supported
  • Two Compact Flash cards support – at the same time you can save Raw on one card and JPG photos on the another one, copying from one to another…
  • Large 3.0” diagonal LCD with 922,000 pixels
  • Live-Preview option – shooting using only LCD and not using viewfinder, Auto-Focus is enabled in both modes
  • Artificial horizon
  • Video out with HDMI HDTV support

New D3, according to Nikon, is going to be in the stores in November and the price for it is just about $5000.