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Nikon Coolpix P80 – Nikon’s first ultrazoom digital camera

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nikon coolpix p80

The Nikon corp has presented their first real ultrazoom digital camera – new Nikon CoolPix P80. Some Nikon’s digital cameras from the P ( Performance ) we had already met. Like P5100 or P50/P60 digital cameras that were really good but just a bit too expensive so they didn’t make it to the bestsellers chart.

Even this is the first ultrazoom coming from Nikon, they did their homework good, and the P80 is not inferior comparing to any other ultrazoom camera available on the market.

To fit the ultrazoom class camera should have at least some 12x zoom lens on it, Nikon P80 has 18x zoom lens. An i have to admit respectable 18X zoom lens, it’s starting from pretty wide 27mm and ends in telephoto area on the 486mm (both values are 35mm equivalents).

Optical stabilization has found its way even to the low cost part of the market. But, good optical stabilization is essential for ultrazoom cameras. First because you shot at long focal lengths, shaking of the camera becomes multiplied, so it’s nearly impossible to shot at full zoom without a tripod or a good optical stabilization like Nikon’s VR.

But in spite that Nikon is using lens based optical stabilization on their DSLR lenses, they have implemented other kind of stabilization sensor shift type on Nikon P80.

I think that the Nikon is the only manufacturer that uses both kinds of optical stabilizations on their digital cameras.

Nikon P80 is coming with new optical sensor with 10 megapixel resolution in combination with the EXPEED image processor, quarantining image quality and fast operation. Used optical sensor can provide up to ISO6400 – it would be quite enough for me that photos are usable on ISO800.

Real optical viewfinder is replaced with electronic viewfinder, so you can compose using that little LCD in the viewfinder or the nice large 2.7 inch diagonal LCD on the back side of the camera, with anti-reflection coating and a wide viewing angle.

With this camera Nikon is trying to get to those advanced photographers and photo enthusiasts, to do that full manual mode is implemented so you can, if you want, to take full control over process of making the shot. But if you don’t want, there is a full auto mode, and few other scene modes, that will offer you good results in all sort of situations. I have to notice that Nikon’s Auto mode is better from generation to generation.

Nikon P80 will be on the selfes in the end of the April, with start price about €450. With that price tag Im sure that P80 will share the faith of other cameras in the Nikon’s P series.