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p5100_bk_front34r_lo.jpgAmong others compact and ultra compact digital cameras that Nikon had presented, there was a special place for Nikon’s flagship compact digital camera the successor of the last years Coolpix P5000 new Coolpix P5100.

List of updates is not too long but the now the P5100 is a much more serious camera, maybe even ready to beat the competition in this class and for expeed_b.jpgsure to give more impressive results then the last years model. First update is using Nikon’s new EXPEED image processor, one of the biggest complaints on previous model was it’s working speed actually the lack of speed. New EXPEED processor is coming strait from the Nikon’s professional DSLR class to fix the response time of the camera. Also new P5100 has new a bit larger and with 12.1 Megapixel sensor, as the result of using a larger sensor and new image processor – amount of color noise should stay at least at the same level as on the previous model, if it’s not going to be lower. p5100_bk_back34r.jpgUsed lens is the same as on the P5000, it is still the 3.5x zoom Nikkor VR optically stabilized, but as the result of using larger sensor the zoom range is a bit changed comparing to P5000, now it’s 35-123mm ( 35mm equivalent ). Also the software of the camera had suffered some changes, face detection technology is now hardware based so it’s 10 times faster then before and can detect up to twelve faces in the shot. The P5100 will be avalliable in October 07. for about $400.