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New Zunes from Microsoft validate rumors

News author: Djuki 10.05.2007 Comments Off

Microsoft Zune 2Microsoft released new Zunes 2 linup with three Zune models, so the rumors was true. Two of them are flash based and can be find in pink, green, black and glossy red colors. They capacities are 4 and 8GB, if this is not big enough for you then check out the Apple Classic size Zune with 80GB. New Zunes 2 can synchronize with Windows Media Player via Wi-FI.

All of them have same resolution, 320×240 but it is stretched to different screen size, 80GB model have 3.2 inch screen and flash based Zune’s have 1.8 inch screens. The Zunes 2 have FM tuner and they can play video files too.

Microsoft Zune 2

Microsoft has it’s own version of iTunes Music Store, it’s a Zune Marketplace where you can find million tracks in WMA format. In United States Zune will came in November with prices of $150 (4GB), $200 (8GB) and $250 (80GB).