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New speed champion – Canon EOS-1D Mark III

Uncategorized author: admin 02.22.2007 2

Canon EOS 1D Mark IIIJust yesterday Canon presented new absolute speed champion professional dslr body Canon EOS-1D Mark III. New Mark III is the latest addition to 1D series. Previous 1D model was 1D Mark II N officialy the fastest camera in the world but today we have new champ.
New Canon EOS-1D Mark III is bringing many expected, and I have to admit few totally unexpected improvements-features. First of all new camera body is using 10Mpix APC-H (1.3 crop factor) sized image sensor. The by it self it is not that interesting but… The most interesting improvement in sensor is new and totally unexpected additional ability to shoot up to 10fps, and to give constant live preview of the frame. Usually this ability was reserved only to smaller imaging sensors implemented in lower class – non SLR digital cameras. But from the last years presentation of Olympus E-330, first dslr camera with large sensor capable in producing frame live preview on back display. Olympus E-330 was not quite a success, but it was a pioneer bringing new idea.
So today in front of us Canon’s top product implementing live preview feature, allowing to shoot using only huge back display, and not viewfinder. I just don’t know how interesting this feature is going to be to professional photographers that are simply used to use viewfinder to frame and take pictures, time will tell. markiii_back.jpg
Great sensor is not enough to make great camera, especially it is not enuugh to make the speed champion. One of the most important parts in building speed champion is fast AF system – 1D Mark III is bringing new improved 19 points AF system. Also when you have desired subject in focus you have to have enough memory to store up to 10fps coming from sensor. 1D Mark III have buffer size capable to take up to 110 full resolution JPG images or up to 30 RAW images. The bondage tween sensor and buffer is image processor. I can freely state that the Canon is absolute leader in DIGIC image processors. In the new camera Canon implemented not one but two latest generation DIGIC III image processors, presented in latest Powershot G7. Two processors was quite fast way to resolve problem of fast processing large quantities of data coming from image sensor.
Also one of the biggest problems of the modern digital slr systems is the dust in the camera body, because of the construction, removable and interchangeable lenses there is great possibility that after just few lens changing, some dust is going to stick on the image sensor and leave ugly spots on your images. Canon solve that problem by developing EOS Integrated Cleaning System, first time presented in EOS-400D.
Based on specifications EOS-1D Mark III is going to be ultimate ruler of the professionally photography world, substituting it’s older brother EOS-1D Mark II N. Camera body is announced for April and for price about $4000, witch can sound allot, but the best available photographing tool with no real competition, quite suitable.