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New Sony PMW-EX1 Professional Camcorder

Uncategorized author: Mark 10.07.2007 Comments Off

Sony PMW-EX1The launch of the Sony PMW-EX1 Professional Camcorder was held within the frames of a pompous ceremony that celebrated the XDCAM family of tape less tools. The new product brought some improvements which encompass the selectable bit rates, the great picture quality, and inspired recording features and in addition some lens features that all the professionals will appreciate.

The Sony PMW-EX1 Professional Camcorder is a compact tool that will guarantee quality and performance and will never let you down. The tool uses flash memory cards as recording medium. The SxS PRO memory card performs with a speed data transfer of 800 Mbps and will allow its user to have access to non linear capabilities. There are two card slots and the camcorder will record 100 minutes at the highest quality and much more at a lower level of quality.

The CMOS sensor is a brand new innovation three x ½ type of sensor that the Sony PMW-EX1 Professional Camcorder employs. This allows the production of images in full HD resolution. This sensor will also enable you to record in low light, producing quality images and if you have experience with low light footage you know how important this sensor is.

The camcorder has also some special features that allows one to record in quick or slow motion, which can create great effects in the film. The tool can be switched between 1080i and 720P, while the frame recording capability is numerous: 50i, 59.94i, 50p, 59.94p, 25P, 29.97p and 23.98P.The accessories for the Sony PMW-EX1 Professional Camcorder are various ranging from SxS memory cards to USB reader or writer, conversion lenses, batteries and charger.

The Sony PMW-EX1 Professional Camcorder is available at a viable price and will offer value for the money. The camcorder is an excellent toll, highly flexible, which will allow the user to transfer the films via the Express Card.

All in all, the Sony PMW-EX1 Professional Camcorder puts some more quality on the already existing camcorders of its class and raises the standard for the camcorders on the market, offering you the best of the best from Sony.