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New Nikon Coolpix L5 and Coolpix L6

News author: admin 09.07.2006 Comments Off

Nikon Coolpix L6In entry level compacts class Nikon prepared two cameras CoolPix L5 and CoolPix L6. Coolpix L5 have image sensor with 7.2Mpix, large 2.5” diagonal LCD and 5x zoom Nikkor zoom lens 38-190mm (35mm equiv), also VR technology of stabilisation is present. All advanced portrait features are implemented, Face Priority AF, in-camera Red-eye effect fix and Nikon’s D-Lighting. Coolpix L6 camera doesn’t have VR stabilisation, and have “only” 6Mpix Nikon Coolpix L5sensor but with maximum ISO800. Lens comparing to L5 is a bit “shorter” it zooms only 3x, 38-116mm (35mm equiv). But there is one feature that differs this camera from all other cameras in this class available on the market, it capability to make 1000 photos with only one battery charge. Which is making this camera the perfect solution for situations where you can’t afford to be let down by your camera. All cameras from Nikon L class are providing impressive results while camera do all the hard work, user simply have to point in a subject and enjoy with perfect photos.