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New N series from Nokia company

Uncategorized author: Sara 04.29.2006 1

A new N series has been presented to our market. This is the new N serie with a better mobile devices. We are talking about Nokia N 72 , N 73 and N 93.

n 93

N 72
Only I can say this is very smooth move from Nokia.
Now,i will present you some reseach from the past N series and I will introduce you to the new ones.

The first N series was Nokia N 90. You know that he was an excellent business mobile device, but he had bad software. Well the first version of that software was a bad one.The mobile device had a lot of bugs, and finally when we installed him a new software (after 2 months of waiting) he worked normally.

Nokia N 90- business mobile device

When we talk about Nokia N 70 we can say that he still works without any bugs. This is the perfect phone for a woman.

Perfect woman cell phone

After N 70,came N 71. This is much bigger phone than N 70,but he doesn`t have any problems with software. He is not suitable for a woman,but the prettier sex can use it.
Well i must mention Nokia N 91,but still he is too big, and he is a real music device, and if you want to hell an mp3 mobile device i will recommend you N 91.

N 80There is another Nokia N series,and that one is expecting in June, 2006 and his mark is N 80. He doesn`t have a Symbian OS, but he has Java, and no bugs at all.

The new N series will on our market `till july 2006. I suposse that the new ones will have a new Symbian OS,WLAN, Bluetooth, 3G, EDGE and GSM.They will be a quadband and some of them will have a wifi. We will see, when they come to our hands.