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New Mp3 player – Samsung Z5

Uncategorized author: Djuki 03.04.2006 1

New MP3 player, Samsung Z5 is concurrence for Apple iPod. The software inside the player is forged at Iventor Inc. by a team of programmers led by Paul Mercer. Paul Mercer was Apple Macintosh software designer. Samsung decide to hire Mr. Mercer, and this is very important because Mr Mecer’s company Pixo Inc. designed software for original Apple iPod.


Mr. Mercer working more then two decades on extending personal computer technologies to the realm of portable devices. “My whole vision has been to take Macintosh-class technology and to move it into new places,” he said during an interview in his office, which was filled with more than a dozen smart phones in various stages of disassembly.

User interface for new Samsung Z5 player is much easier to use than at the iPod. “Paul helped us to design and develop a user interface for the Z5 from the beginning,” said Phillip Chung, vice president for the digital audiovisual division at Samsung Electronics.

The Z5 has a 1.8-inch color screen and a 35-hour battery life. Samsung Z5 have shape like a stick of gum, and his price is from $199 to $249. Samsung is hoping that the Z5 will work smoothly with the range of subscription music services that support the Microsoft PlaysForSure digital music standard.

The new player is on the market around 5th March.