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Apparently the rumors were true, Apple has presented theirs new refreshed lineup of MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops few days ago.


New MacBook Pro laptops are available in three versions, two versions with 15 inch display and one with 17 inch display, same as the previous models. New features of new MacBook pro laptops are: new used Penryn processor up to 2.5GHz with 6MB L2 cache and up to 4GB od ram memory depending from chosen model. Also available harddrives just got bigger now you can buy a MacBook pro with up to 300GB harddrive and with GeForce 8600GT graphical cards with 512MB on-board memory.Penryn processor is a code name for latest version of Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 6MB of L2 cache.


Also, new multi-touch track-pad, presented on MacBook Air found it’s way to the all MacBook pro laptops, while the rest of the laptop remains the same.

MacBook line of Apple’s laptops was the subject of an upgrade. All MacBook laptops had got new Penryn processors from 2.1 up to 2.4 GHz. New harddrives from 120-150GB up to maximal 250GB. 2GB of DDR RAM memory is a part of the standard package in all laptops except the cheapest model, also the memory can be upgraded up to 4GB. Unfortunately MacBook line doesn’t have built-in Multi-Touch track-pad, it’s not even possible to get it as an option.


Visually you will not be able to tell apart new upgraded line from the old line of MacBook and MacBook Pro computers, but the design is in that state of perfection that there is simply nothing to add.

Also the best thing is that you are not going to tell apart upgraded versions by price also, the prices stayed same for all upgraded MacBooks and MacBook pros.