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New iPod Nano Taking a Tiny Bite Out of Video

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.31.2007 Comments Off

nano2.jpgOk now this is absolutely adorable and just so cute that you cannot help but love these little things. At a whopping 6.5mm and the screen is coming in at an adorable 2” diagonal. Ok so the classic iPod is a bit bigger at 2.5” but honestly, if you are looking for something teeny tiny that fits anywhere, and comes in almost as many colors as you have shoes, then this is the perfect iPod choice for you.

The sleek little new iPod Nanos are coming in with two sizes at 4 gigs and again at 8 gigs, with both under $200. While the 4 gig is only available in silver, you have your choice of several colors with the sexy little 8 gig Nano. If you are looking for tons of storage space the 8 gig is able to hold about 2,000 songs, or up to 7,000 pictures. That is a lot of entertainment in a very small area.

nano.jpgIf you just adore the use of the tiny screen and really want to put it to use, the 8 gigs in the hard drive will get you about 8 hours of video time. Talk about a lot of storage packed into one tiny little package. This is definitely a true triumph for Apple. With this new, revamp allowing video even on the iPod Nano they are opening video on the iPod up to so many more people.

n typical iPod fashion though, don’t expect to be impressed with the battery power if you are planning to watch a lot of videos, your looking at a miserly 5 hours approximately, while only music alone can give you about 24 hours of play time. Compared to the iPod Classic, the battery power is coming up about the same as the standard 80 gig sized classic, and barely shy of specs for the 160 gig. This has got to be one of the smarter moves Apple has made recently packing the iPod Nano with video. A definite grab this year and yet another reason why the line of iPods continues to get stronger.