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Canon EOS 400D - Digital Rebel XTi dSLRInformation leaks from Canon company about new dSLR class camera Canon EOS 400D in Europe or Digital Rebel XTi name for American market.
Pressed by competition and growing demands of users Canon meet a lot of user demands and provide nice featured camera.
First of all new Canon EOS 400D implements new 10 Mpix CMOS image sensor, with maximum ISO1600, and separate low pass filter with ultra-sonic vibration to remove dust from sensor. Camera is also implementing nine area Auto Focus sensor coming straight from higher class EOS 30D. Canon EOS 400D - Digital Rebel XTi dslrThat is not all that Canon used from EOS 30D, Picture Styles, image parameter adjustment, and much faster image processing like big brother 30D. Also new 400D losses control panel LCD display, for all control information there is large 2.5″ diagonal LCD monitor with 160° viewing angle. Proximity sensor located below viewfinder eyepiece used to disable main LCD during composition. Larger continuous shooting buffer, compared to successor 350D allowing to store up to 27 JPEG or 10 RAW images.
All this should be available, by announcements, in lower enter price.
Detailed review will soon be available as soon as we can put our hands on it.