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New Canon A700 and A540

Uncategorized author: admin 03.02.2006 1

Canon PS A700
PMA 2006 International Trade Show, Canon used to presents new cameras in A serie. New Canon A700 6.0 Mpix 6x optical zoom camera with huge 2.5” LCD display, and Canon A540 also 6.0 Mpix 4x optical zoom and also 2.5” LCD display. Canon PS A540 the heir of America’s best selling model in 2005 Canon PS A510.

Canon A700 back

Both cameras have same CCD sensor with 6.0 Mpix things that separates them are used lence, resolution of LCD display,type of viewfinder and few options in software. Both cameras provides fast USB 2.0 computer interface so there is no more waitting to transfer picutures like with old A510/520.
Canon A540
Also one of the improvements from old serie is ISO 800 which alows you flexibility while shooting in low light conditions without flash, also it alows you to use shorter shutter speeds increasing image sharpness, reducing motion blur from fastmoving objects and shaky hands. Great Canon DIGIC II image processor is used in both cameras alowing fast shooting 2fps for A700 and 2.3fps for A540 and low noise on pictures taken with hi ISO settings. Maximum resolution is 2816×2112.
There is hard job infront these two cameras, to beat selling results of great predecessors. Improved resolution, imaging prosessor, zoom, larger display, I think that we have a winner.
Soon we will have exhaustive tests of these cameras, so stay tuned…