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New and (un)improved 80GB Zune

Uncategorized author: admin 12.11.2007 Comments Off

80zune.jpgFor the people who love music the market has been largely saturated by the iPod, but for those who do not like the iPod much the options have been very small. Yet the Microsoft 80GB Zune has come to offer a worthy alternative. For those who need plenty of space, the 80GB hard drive ensures that you can take all or at least a majority of your music collection with you anywhere you go. Some of the other additional things that are nice are the big bright 3.2” glass LCD that provides ample viewing room for your videos.

Some of the negative features is the Zune is still only capable of working with a PC in order to get your music to the MP3 player. While this is a small negative, in comparison to some of the wireless MP3 players coming out on the market it can be a bit of a drawback. The other major negative that has occurred is the previous generation of the 80GB Zune offered an EQ feature to adjust your music; this button has been removed from the unit and is not available anymore.

There are some good pointsmicrosoft-80gb-zune.jpg though, after all with a PC and the appropriate software installed you can synchronize wirelessly with no cords and also the FM radio allows you to switch between listing to your own music or a radio station quite easily. With a weight of only 4.5 ounces this is certainly light enough to go everywhere. Also adding to the benefits is the small 2.4” x .5” x 4.3” size, this is the perfect MP3 player to go anywhere since it can fit comfortably into any pocket.

Also adding to the benefits is the ability to play AAC, WMA and MP3 files and even shuffle the tracks easily for a bit of randomness. Overall, this is certainly a great little MP3 player and it is likely that it will continue to improve greatly in future generations. For the price and the size you are getting it makes a great choice.