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I wrote about new HP iPAQ phones, but they aren’t only fresh devices from HP company. HP new lineup have three more devices I haven’t say a word yet. Two of them are PDA and one is stand alone navigation device, first one from HP company.

HP iPAQ 110/114 - personal handheld PC-small

HP iPAQ 110/114 – personal handheld PC

The HP iPAQ 114 is made for home or personal use. It is one classic PDA with stylus. This handheld PC have 3.5 inch touch screen display with 320×240 resolution. For communication with other mobile devices it’s equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

It’s running with Microsoft Windows Mobile6 Classic, processor Marvell PXA310, 624 MHz and 64MB RAM. The iPAQ 114 have integrated microphone, receiver and speaker. It’s dimensions are 116.7mm x 68.9mm x 13.6mm and weight 114.6 grams. Expected price will be around $430.

HP iPAQ 210/214 – business handheld PC

This is PDA device for business users. The iPAQ 214 have a bigger display than the iPAQ 114, it’s 4 inch VGA with 480×640 resolution. It does not have phone functions but it’s built-in Wi-Fi can be used for IP telephony. Dimensions are 120×76.6×16 mm and it’s weight is 187 grams.

HP iPAQ 210/214 - business handheld PC-smallThe iPAQ 214 have Microsoft Windows Mobile6 Classic installed, and 614MHZ CPU for faster applications start. For running applications it’s equipped with 64 MB SDRAM main memory, and 256 MB flash ROM memory for storing data.

Microsoft programs included into both handheld PC’s the iPAQ 114 and iPAQ 214 are: Office Mobile, Office Outlook® Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, Windows Media Player Mobile.

This PDA have mini USB, and Compact Flash connector. The iPAQ 214 will start shipping in October and it’s expected price is $500.

HP iPAQ 310/314 – First stand alone navigation device

The iPAQ 314 have own HPs software for navigation. Bluetooth with EDR are integrated into this navigator. It’s 4.3-inch touchscreen display have 800 x 480 resolution with landscape orientation. This navigator can play media files, and synchronize with Outlook and mobile contacts via Bluetooth, but still it’s primary job is navigation.

For running application it have 128MB SDRAM memory, and up to 2 GB Flash ROM. It can vary by model and country. The HP iPAQ 314 features are: mini USB connector, high-capacity SD card slot, speaker for navigation volume, integrated microphone and 3.5mm 3 pin headphone jack. Applications included into this navigator are: digital music player, digital video player, photo viewer and games.

HP iPAQ 310/314

The iPAQ 314 comes with West European maps, but you can add maps from your region if you want. It’s dimensions are: 86.8mm x 110.2mm x 18.2mm and wight is 187 grams. If you travel a lot by car this can be very interesting gadget for you. We don’t know it’s price or release date.

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HP iPAQ 110/114 - personal handheld PC HP iPAQ 210/214 - business handheld PCHP iPAQ 310/314 - First stand alone navigation device