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picop-motorola11.jpgFirst mobile phones was big as the average briefcase, and it was simply a phone with no display quite similar to older home phones. Latter on cutting in size – and price, results that phone can fit in every pocket and that every pocket can afford one. But that wasn’t the end todays mobile phone is much much more than simple phone. First in the list of addons was the reproduction of mp3 compressed music. Quickly after that first digital cameras found a way to the mobile phone, now it’s quite common to have 2 or more, even 5 Mpix camera build in the phone. I don’t even have to mention the integration of a computer to the mobile phone, you can play music and movies, browse web, write office documents, use email, basically it can do everything that your computer can.

Today Motorola in cooperation with Microvision has presented a prototype of the “mobile phone” packed up with video projector. Yes real working video projector capable of presenting an widescreen image in the 854×480 pixes in 15” diagonally, it’s better then DVD quality!

Still there are no official informations about the time when we can expect mobile phones with projectors on the market. However, as this technology comes to mass production, a projector could easily become most common part of the “mobile phone”, as the digital camera or mp3 player is today.