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Motorola Mobile TV DH01n

Uncategorized author: Cara 03.11.2008 Comments Off

Bringing together all of the essential components for people is never easy but the Motorola Mobile TV DH01n is attempting to bring together two gadgets that most consumers really love. The integration of a personal video player with a GPS device might seem a bit on the strange side, however with a push towards combining the majority of devices into a single device this does seem to fall a bit short.

Motorola Mobile TV DH01n

To give the Motorola Mobile TV DH01n a fair chance it does combine together a nice 90 minutes of video on a single 256MB card which can allow you to watch almost an entire movie and has the ability to add an SD/MMC card so you can have additional storage option. With a 4-hour battery, you should be able to watch the majority of a movie if not all of it and still have enough battery power to get directions to your next destination easily. With automatic channel, scan as well as listing you can easily pick out what you want to watch without having to worry about looking up the stations around you.

Overall while this is a nice device that can allow you to watch some very nice videos it is lacking a lot of features and device aspects that would allow it to move from the list of want to have’s and make it over to the short list of necessary essentials for everyday. With a sleek and small design it is well worth a look if you do not already have a GPS device but with the combination that they bring together you cannot watch a movie and use the GPS features at the same time which can be a bit of a downer if you are trying to watch a movie as someone else drives using the directions.