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MobiBlu DAH-1900 has amazingly long battery life

Uncategorized author: Djuki 04.19.2006 Comments Off

MobiBlu DAH-1900Everybody want portable MP3 player that can playing the music for longest time possible. MobiBlu DAH-1900 MP3 player can produce the music for amazingly 150 hours. It has 2GB flash memory, the same capacity as the iPod nano. The display has 128 x 64 pixels in yellow and blue colors, witch is quite enough for displaying sons info. Don’t forget, this is portable player. MobiBlu’s MP3 player has even a build-in clock with alarm, witch can wake you up with your favorite song. This is very cool option.

Auto Lyric system displaying song lyrics, and you can edit song lyrics as well. It’s features playlists, so you can use Winamp lists from your PC. It has USB 2.0 port, so song transfer from PC to this devise is very fast. If you think this is the end of it’s capabilities, you are wrong. The DAH-1900 feature FM radio and FM recording and voice recorder functionality.

It has versions with 512MB, 1 GB and 2GM flash memory. At Amazon Store you can buy DAH-1900 with 1GM memory for 129 dollars or DAH-1900 with 512MB memory for 99 dollars.