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Memorex FlashDisk the return of a flopydrive

News author: admin 04.30.2006 Comments Off

Memorex FlashDiskMemorex announce new FlashDisk product. What differs this product from million of others on the market is it’s retro design. As you can see it looks like computer tape strait from 1970s. It’s 5.8cm in diameter and 0.8cm thick, not quite minimalistic as other similar devices avaliable. In my opinion it have major lack in design cause it thickens many users will have problem to fit it in front usb ports… It will be produced in only one memory size of 16MB, yes you read it well only 16MB of space. Main idea for constructing such a device was to create cheap, substitution for forgotten flopydisks. “Affordable enough to share” was the idea. Memorex Flashdisk will be selling a pack of three of them for only $20.
Interesting product I will buy a pack for sure, but i will like to have at least a 64MB of space available on it. Just one mp3 song stored on it or some larger .Doc file or just a few pictures from summer vacation is not enough. Or maybe Memorex device is too retro, so it brings that “Insert disc 3… Insert disc 3…”