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Meet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

News author: Ivand 01.17.2014 Comments Off

Cheaper version of the Galaxy Tab 3 tablet can be even more appealing with expensive Pro line of Samsung tablets. Galaxy Tab 3 Live is smaller more portable but again cheaper version of Samsung tablets.


Galaxy Tab 3 Lite has double core processor running on 1.2GHz with 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of storage space, with option to expand with microSD cards. LCD 7 inch diagonal screen with just 1024×600 pixels and back camera is enough for… so 2Mpix is hard enough for anything useful today. Maybe just for the video calls. In the case, in 290 grams, there is a place for 3600 mAh battery capable to power the device up to eight hours of video reproduction.

Current version of Galaxy Tab 3 is in $200 price range, and Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, should be even cheaper even though officially we don’t have any information about the price.