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MacBook Air – out of stock

Notebooks author: admin 03.04.2008 Comments Off

If you take a brief look at the Apple store, it’s quite easy to notice that shipping time is from 5-7 days. In real stores across the US, situation is even worse, cause big – unexpected – demands almost every store is out of stock of new MacBook Air. We are talking about only those Air models with classical hard drive – not the SSD model.


If you are living in New York, Chicago, San Francisco or LA, and you want to buy new MacBook Air, there is a big possibility that you will get only out of stock sign.Situation is quite similar in Best Buy stores, and Amazon online store, you can consider yourself lucky guy if you manage to find some MacBook Air.

It’s interesting that high demand and out of stock is only related to the MacBook Air model with regular HDD – cheaper models. It is obvious that the price for SSD version is just to high.


New York’s Apple store, that on the 5th avenue, has got new shipment of HDD MacBook Airs yesterday, and they are estimating that it will last only up to tonight.

It’s quite similar situation all over the world. It appearing that new Air is quite popular to those people that are buying Mac computer for the first time. There are no official information about sales results from Apple.

On the Apple site, you can notice that the MacBook Air is currently bestselling item, better then new MacBook, or MacBook Pro.