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Logic3 SoundStation3 PS3 speakers

Speakers author: Cara 03.22.2008 Comments Off

In a world full of gadgets and electronics that are cool just cause, this is certainly another one of those cool and awesome techy gadgets that manage to find their way into the homes of more and more people. Looking beyond the fact that it really is just speakers for your PS3 it really is kinda cool that idea that now you can have a set of speakers devoted to one of your favorite game systems and not have to worry about exactly how well your new game might sound on the standard speakers that are attached to your television. Users who have a huge entertainment system complete with surround sound may not be impressed by a couple of small speakers, but the average house that is just using the sound from the television are quite likely to be impressed by the Logic3 SoundStation3 PS3 speakers.

Logic3 SoundStation3 PS3 speakers

The really sad part about the speakers is the very tiny 20 watts of power that are delivered from a total of eight speakers. Those who live by the philosophy that more is always better in terms of sound and audio electronics are sure to be sorely disappointed. If you are just looking for a small boost to your sound system for the PS3 then you are likely to be quite happy with the offering. The speakers are small enough they can fit easily anywhere, regardless of whether you are sharing a tiny dorm room with roommates, have a huge house or anything in between the speakers are stylish enough to fit perfectly.

If you are looking for something with tons of options, you are not going to be happy. After all, designed only for a video game system the speakers are designed to allow you to turn them on, off, and adjust the bass, treble, volume and then reset from the remote that is included. Ample options for those who are looking for a basic speaker set, however anyone who is considering these speakers for a larger part of a surround system are likely to be sorely disappointed. Overall, they make a great deal for anyone who is looking to add a bit of extra sound to their favorite games.