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Logic3 iPhone Traveller

Speakers author: Cara 12.03.2007 Comments Off

logic3_istation_traveller_for_iphone_1.JPGDesigned to ensure that your iPhone is cradled in loving comfort the i-Station Traveller for the iPhone has made an appearance. Featuring a small 6.7” size that is adjustable to hold the phone either vertically or horizontally this is the perfect small, lightweight and portable speaking system option you have for the iPhone today.

With an affordable price in the range of $60, you are also looking at something that is highly affordable. The bad news is the speaker’s small size tends to limit them to only four watts of power, which makes them acceptable for movies and short video clips but certainly not recommended for a stereo sound experience. For those who simply want a stylish and portable option the Logic3 iPhone Traveller is the perfect option.

Additional benefits include the ability to hook up any iPod, and even a PSP to the system. The best news is that any other MP3 player that has a 3.5mm jack can also slide into the Traveller system so you are guaranteed that it is a highly versatile and flexible piece of equipment. Just make sure you keep plenty of batteries on hand since it takes four AAA batteries to be portable. For those who desire keeping the Traveller in a single location, there is an included power adapter that removes the need to keep a constant supply of batteries on hand.

This makes the perfect gift for those with new iPhones or any of the other compatible devices and with the small size works perfectly for those who do large amounts of travelling. In addition, the ability to use batteries reduces the need to worry about separate power adapters for everywhere you travel. Designed to be truly portable this is a great option that is also highly affordable for everyone’s budget.

Capturing the unique style, secure handling and great sound gives the Logic3 iPhone Traveller a distinct advantage over all of the other products that are going to appear, and since Logic3 has managed to produce these well before the competition it gives them yet another edge towards providing the great options iPhone users want.