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Little Hard Disk Monster – Transcend StoreJet

Storage author: Djuki 07.07.2006 Comments Off

Transcend StoreJet
We all want movable hard drive, which don’t need separately AC supply and which is small dimensions, so we can put it in the sheath ans carry with us. Is this is hard to get ? No, I will tell you about hard drive from our dreams, the monster hard drive, precisely.

Company Transcend from Taiwan, announced new portable HDD StoreJet. This hard drive has 40GB space and only 130g. In the box you will get: USB cable, pouch for hard disk, CD with drivers, manual and StoreJet Utility. The StoreJet is in aluminum case for 2.5″ hard disks. It is available in 20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 60GB quantity. The StoreJet Utility Software don’t need installation or de-installation, so you can use it where you are on some trip. Windows XP and other OS see StoreJet as removable disk. It is very silent and don’t worm up while working.

We need 80sec to copy 500MB file to StoreJet and 40sec from StoreJet to computer. Practical, coping to device is 6.5MB/sec and from device is 10.5MB/sec. If you have more than one computer you can easily adjust Internet Explorer and Outlook.

Transcend StoreJet

This Portable USB hard drive is one of the first with small dimensions and large capacity, so if you spend money for this devise this will be great investment.