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Linksys WIP320 – Skype as a cellphone

Uncategorized author: Spale 08.26.2007 Comments Off

First Skype phones were just something little more then a headphones with microphone and USB connection. But very soon serious devices cammed, with screen i more other functions. People from Linksys company came to idea that you don’t need computer at all to make a Skype calls, so they have eliminate it from procedure with model WIP320.

This gadget is Wireless-G Phone for Skype. It has integrated wireless adapter(802.11g standard) and it connects directly to an access point of any wireless G network. By it dimensions and weight WIP320 looks like a cellphone. Keyboard is classic for a cellphone that dimensions, you initiate a call and end it by well known green and red button. Below the screen there are two soft buttons, it functions depends from that whats on the screen. Some functions remind to Siemens cellphones(switching phone on and off by red button) and joystick reminds to Sony Ericsson models.

Linksys WIP320

Device communicates with wireless network same as computer with wireless network adapter installed. When you switch on phone it scans the area and give the list of all wireless networks it can reach. If the network you want to connect is protected you must enter password to enter it. When you connected to a network you enter Skype user name and password. That will be all, you are ready to make a calls all around the world through Skype, at the same way you are at your home PC or laptop. You can change your status appearance, so if don want to be the disturbed you can set status to invisible.

By all this good things WIP320 has one big issue, it doesn’t support Skype chat. But if you are only interested in making calls there isn’t much to worry about, this gadget works perfectly when you make calls.