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LG Super Multi Blu BH200

DVD Player author: Cara 12.26.2007 Comments Off

LG Super Multi Blu BH200Suddenly deciding that you want to get into the high tech ultra DVD age at this point typically means you are looking at some huge prices for a DVD player that will only play a portion of the movies on the market. The good news is the video quality is better for HD DVD and even Blu Ray; the bad news however is the price of the players as well as the fact that most movies are exclusive to one format or the other. This means to have the widest selection you are generally looking at purchasing two different players, right? Well actually, LG has put their foot down and decided that enough is enough. They have now released the LG Super Multi Blu BH200, which is an upgrade from the BH100 model.

This ingenious little contraption actually allows you to watch HD DVD and Blu Ray discs from the very same machine! This is huge for those who really want the improved quality without forking over several thousand for both players. While the price itself is still a bit high, coming in at $999 it is still a lot cheaper than purchasing a HD DVD player as well as a Blu Ray disc. Even better news is the player still can handle standard CD and DVD discs, this is coming out to be your ultimate entertainment player overall.

The really good news is you are not sacrificing any of the video quality that you have come to expect as you watch all of the high quality DVD formats emerging onto the market. Keeping up with the emerging market was a big of a hassle before but with the problems of wrong formatted discs. One of the biggest benefits is the ability for the LG Super Multi Blu BH200 to automatically determine the speed it needs to run at in order to appropriately play the correct format. There is a small problem for some with the missing S-video connector but considering you are looking at high definition video, you are still not losing anything important.