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LG HT762TT movie/music box

DVD Player author: Cara 01.09.2008 Comments Off

If you are looking for a complete package that is all in one that will allow you to have something a bit different looking, this is a great option to explore.  With speakers that highly resemble champagne or flute glasses and a DVD player, six channel amplifier and AM/FM tuner all brought together this has the ability to turn a grown adult back into a toy at the idea of playing with this gadget.  Of course, the bad news is that for those who are looking for something robust and manly this just might not cut it.  Something is just not quite manly and robust about flute glass shaped speakers.

LG HT762TT movie/music box

Once you get past the design, regardless of whether you love it or hate it there is plenty to love about the unit.  With a nice 6.1 channel cinema sound, you are certain to get the exact sound that you want.  Additionally the 1080p HDMI output gives a nice quality as well.  There are some downsides to the LG HT762TT movie/music box though, for example there is a distinct lack of inputs that can allow you to really customize this unit to your specific needs.  Additionally, there are some who feel that the bass is a bit too over the top, however, if you take the time to carefully adjust the settings in the amplifier this should resolve your issue.

Over all this is certainly a great unit to look at.  With a set of four flute glasses all around your room it can be quite the unique conversation starter and you will be thoroughly surprised at the sound quality that can come out of these tiny speakers.  Be prepared to be blown away, this unique little system has everything you will need to enjoy a great movie with theater like sound quality right from your very own home.