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LG FM37 mp3 player

Uncategorized author: Spale 08.30.2007 1

LG FM37 is one of the most attractive mp3 players that we had opportunity to test. It has big touch screen display, player width is 51,5 millimeters, length 90 millimeters and its 9,9 millimeters wide. On first look player reminds on combination of two LG-s popular cellphones, Shine and Prada. The screen is of average dimensions for a device this size, but with the complete lack of buttons on the front face, why not make it bigger? Although the minimalist, ‘less is more’ style is effective, a larger screen could’ve put this player leagues ahead of the competition.


This model is real pleasurable experience for ears and eyes. LCD touchscreen (2,4 inch) is wide 4cm and its length is 5cm, what is standard dimension for this kind of devices. But, because there are no other buttons and we control player over the touch screen the screen should be bigger. Quality of reproduced files is on very high level, one of the best in its price range. LG FM37 has integrated great FM radio that will allow you to listen your favorite radio program. You can even record radio program to players memory. The main menu screen consists of six option icons displayed like the numbers around a clock face. A simple touch of an icon starts an animated transition into that option’s sub-menus. It’s a very refreshing way to navigate an MP3 player.

The touch-sensitivity is very responsive, but navigating the sub-menus can get a little tedious as the icons are small and a little fiddly. It’s possible to change the icon-based main menu into a list format, if you prefer.

You can also use ‘gestures’ to control playback. For example, to increase the volume when playing a file, you can rub your finger around the screen in a clockwise motion, as if following the numbers round on a clock face. Or, to skip to the next track, you can run your finger from the left- to the right-hand side of the screen. A glowing trail is left behind your finger on the screen to show which operation you’ve selected. On world market of mp3 players LG FM37 is different from the others by it great elegant design, excellent quality, good user interface and pretty high price.

LG FM37 side


  • 2GB/4GB Flash Memory
  • 2.4” FTF Color LCD Display
  • Touch Screen GUI, Flash GUI
  • Plays Music, Video, Text & Photo
  • Better Image with XD Engine
  • 20 Hours Audio, 3 Hours Video
  • FM Radio / FM Recorder (Optinal)
  • Built-in Flash Games
  • 10 EQ Sound Modes (Auto EQ)
  • USB 2.0 Connetion