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Someone from Olympus’s web administration team was easy on the trigger, so this kind of text has appeared on official Olympus UK site.

So that you don’t need to carry a heavy tripod or invest extra money into every single stabilised lens, Olympus integrated a built-in image stabiliser into the camera body of the E-3, E-510 and E-520. It stabilises up to 5 EV steps (up to 4 EV steps with the E-510 and E-520), making it the most effective solution on the market.

As soon as the error was spotted, the page was changed, but event that short wile was enough to start rumouring about E-510 successor.

Appearing of new E-520 is a hardly a surprise, special after official presentation of E-420, all eyes are on Olympus, and we are all waiting their next step.

The photo on the top of this post was made on Photo Imaging Expo 2008 – photo equipment fair held in March in Tokyo. Olympus has shown prototype with out any markings but there is a great possibility that it represents the successor of current E-510 digital SLR camera.

Source of the photo: MasterChong. rumors