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Kodak EASYSHARE V570 Dual Lens Digital Camera

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Kodak V570
Kodak announces world’s first dual-lens digital camera. Ultra-wide angle lens (23mm) and an zoom lens ( 39 to 117 mm) combined using Kodak new RETINA dual-lens technology, are packed in compact camera body no thicker then an inch. Kodak claims that this is the only consumer camera provides such a wide angle. Another interesting feature of this camera tween it’s unique design is the fact that all-glass Schneider-Kreuznach C-Variogon lenses never extend from the camera body. Image sensor used in this camera have effective 5Mpix. Camera also includes panorama stiching in camera, combines three shoots into panorama photo. Cause very wide angle lens only three shoots are enough for whole 180 degrees panorama picture.
Also Kodak V570 camera offers TV quality video recording, even up to 30 fps using advanced MPEG-4 codec for compression video. One of the more then welcomed feature is built in image stabilization, so no more blurred pictures with this camera. On camera back we can find large 2.5” diagonal high-resolution LCD screen. Also Kodak made an good Kodak Color Science image processor which provides good color noise reduction and precise exposure calculation. Because of using ultra-wide lens there is an fish-eye effects on the pictures which can be compensated in camera. V570 have 32MB of internal memory which is expandable using SD cards.
For now, we can just say that this is a great camera and its main advantage is ultra wide lens, because of that its just perfect for architecture and landscape photography. Detailed review coming soon…