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Jakks EyeClops BioniCam

Uncategorized author: Djuki 02.06.2008 Comments Off

Giving the gift of exploration is always a fabulous idea for children, and the Jakks EyeClops BioniCam is a great way to get started. Bringing a great magnification lens together with a small LCD screen and the ability to do a 400x magnification you are looking at plenty of time exploring some of the greatest views of the world. This is designed to be a great portable option for kids who are always on the go. Featuring the option of either plugging in the battery pack with a memory card you can take the camera on the go, or you can just plug in into the television using the A/V jacks so you can see everything you are looking at on the television.

Jakks EyeClops BioniCam

For parents who are concerned about price, you are looking at a relatively inexpensive toy in the price range of only $50 or so which is great. Even better is when you consider that the Jakks EyeClops BioniCam can be plugged into a computer using USB, A/V for the television and even the flash memory will allow you to easily print out the picture of your choice. As the upgraded model of the original EyeClops the newest version in the Jakks EyeClops BioniCam is certainly a great upgrade for children to use and some of the kids at heart may find it highly entertaining as well.

With the great LCD screen and the build in camera you are going to love looking around the yard and this makes the perfect opportunity to get kids out of the house and exploring the great outdoors in a way you would have never imagined before. This is by far one of the best toys you can give your child to help encourage them to start looking at things in a completely new way. In addition, the great shape and design is completely unique and with the mature color and design of the newest Jakks EyeClops BioniCam, it will never leave an adult ashamed to play with it as well.