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iPod Touch Bringing iPod Up a Notch

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.29.2007 Comments Off

touch2.jpgEveryone went nuts when the iPhone came out because it was so sleek, sexy, shiny and of course touch screen. Now Apple is working to build on that excitement with the next toy from their gadget box the iPod Touch. This amazing little iPod is based on the same touch screen technology as the iPhone however with the same hard drive sizes available it is going to be a very hard sell for some.

While many of the standard iPods are seeing upwards of 160 gigs for only $350 dollars or so an 8-gig iPod Touch is going to run you right at $300 as well. While the screen is amazing and sexy, and the touch screen is really cool, does this justify the loss of 152 gigs of space? After all, that is an incredibly large amount of music space that is lost just to add a touch screen. The bad news is that if the touch screen breaks, you are pretty much out of luck. Of course if it is under warranty then a warranty repair is possible, but that is going to be lengthy.

touch1.jpgWith the old click wheel iPods, you are getting a lot more music for the dollar, and with a click wheel, if your screen breaks; you can still scroll through songs. This has many hesitant over the newest iPod. There are some great adventures in the iPod Touch though, such as the beautiful 3.5” display that allows you to turn to widescreen to watch your movie or music videos. Toss in a great web browser (Safari) and you can surf the web right from your iPod Touch with the built in Wi-Fi that is available.

The bad news for Apple is this iPod really is not that much different than the iPhone and for the price the iPhone at least allows you to make phone calls aside from listening to music and surfing the web. Overall, I see this being a very hard sell because of the steep price. With other iPods in the same price range offering so much more storage space this is going to be a tough sell for many, despite the pretty touch screen.