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It’s true that previous three generations of iPod nano has ability to take you photos with you on your favourite music player. But now the latest generation of iPod nano has ability to take photos, with it’s built in camera. It’s quite strange cause one of the official statements of the Apple corp was that iPod is not going to have camera ever.


Strange but true but implementing video camera to the latest iPod nano is not the only controversial decision regarding features of new iPod nano. Also few other things such as microphone, speaker and FM tuner has finally arrived in one of the world’s most popular music players.

Besides taking photos, new iPod nano is capable of making video clips, which can be latter on easily put on the youtube or any other similar video sharing service. Glass and aluminium are not new for the iPod nano, but the large 2.2 inch display is.

I had mentioned before, that new iPod nano features a built-in FM radio, which is one of the things that users demanded long time ago. But cause that rising demand you were able to buy all sorts of third party addons for your iPod that can add this feature on. Also Apple was offering iPod + Nike feature which was a pedometer plugin for tracking your walking and running exercise.


So after presenting latest generation iPod nano, will probably kill great part of the third-party add-ons for iPod cause it has all that already build in.

It’s avaliable at two “sizes”, the smaller 8GB one and larger 16GB one. Also color pallete has some new colors to offer, including silver, black, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, (PRODUCT) RED and pink.

Ok, the moment of truth the price… $149 for the 8GB model and $179 which is more then fair price cause this is the most complete iPod nano that you can get.