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iPod cool digital alarm clock

Uncategorized author: Veselin 02.09.2007 Comments Off

iPod cool digital alarm clockAs the Apple’s iPod grow more popular, the market was easily been flooded with gadgets to make it more popular and usable. From carrying boxes to docking stations with speakers, literally anything. In December 2006, iHome ( launched yet another docking station, with speakers, for all famous iPod. In order to make it different and more popular, they put a digital alarm clock inside.

First thing, that catches the eyes is a large clock display, which have an adjustable brightness, which is very good if you like to sleep in complete dark. Designed for big travelers, device is powered with four standard AA batteries, for playback, and one CR2032 button cell battery for clock, so if big batteries are depleted, the clock will stay online. Also with it comes a power adaptor, for docking at home, or wherever is possible.

Amongst features, the most interesting ones are: remote, “sleep volume”, which allows you listening the music while you sleep and when time for awakening comes, volume rise all by itself and a fact that all generations of iPod are supported. If there is no iPod, in dock, the alarm will switch from playing music to buzz. In addiction to pluses, we may add carrying bag and a line in for other external MP3 or CD players. This device is very useful for people addicted to iPod, and a big travelers who have to get up early. There are three available colors on the market silver, black and white.

Cool digital alarm clock

Some major features:

  • Portable
  • Stereo neodymium micro driver speakers
  • Line in
  • large multifunction LCD
  • Protective traveling case
  • Power adaptor
  • Controls all major functions for iPod
  • iPod alarm backup: if no audio is detected from iPod, a buzzer will sound instead