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iPod Classic – Smaller and Better than Before

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.10.2007 1

ipod-classic.jpgWe all know Apple has been enjoying a great high lately as sales of the iPhone have been through the roof but for those who simply want music, music and oh yeah more music nothing in this world can compare to the iPod Classic. This perfect MP3 player keeps getting better each year, and smaller as well. Packing a huge 160 gigs of songs which averages out to about 40,000 songs into a sleek little 5.7 ounce iPod this is definitely a music lover’s oasis.

classic-dock.jpgYou can take your choice of either the standard and classic black, or choose the sleek and sexy silver for your favorite color. While the classic iPod has gotten some upgrades on storage, the plain colors live on. However, if you are really looking for 160 gigs of storage space do you really care about the colors? After all, this is not a toy; this is a portable jukebox that can go on forever before your playlist ever really ends. The newest iPod Classics are constructed entirely from a metal design and provide a great visual stimulation. The classic click wheel is still in place so people looking for a touch screen will be forced to mosey over to the more expensive iPod Touch.

One cool new feature of the newest iPod Classic is the ability to flip through your music based on the album cover. While this may seem like a strange feature, it is great for those who can envision what the album cover looks like that contains the song they really want to hear. Over all, of course Apple has kept the iPod Classic simple and beautiful like always. This classic iPod will likely stay around for a very long time and with the great features and reliability that is provided why should you possibly consider an alternative MP3 player?

With your choice of black or silver, 80 gigs or 160 and a cute little 2.5” color display you are getting all of the music power you need to take your entire music collection with you everywhere you go, without ever being weighted down by too much baggage to be able to really enjoy your outings, trips and adventures. This little iPod will forever remain a beloved treasure to the music lovers of the world.