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What to expect from iPhone 6?

apple rumors author: Ivand 01.20.2014 Comments Off

iPhone 5S is still hot on the shelves, but we have rumors about the next version iPhone all around the place, whispers about design change and new screen sizes.


If Apple is going to stick to the newly adopted lifetime of the devices, we can expect new iPhone 6 on the market in September 2014. Larger diagonal screen, from four inches now to five, is what most of us expect. If that rumor is true, Apple will be able to jump in to the battle with Samsung, LG and HTC which all have flagship devices in this diagonal range.

Other changes, which are expect are reduction in thickens, at current iPhone 5S, is just about 7.6mm. With larger screen, there will be more space in the case to fit all the hardware, and there will be space to reduce the thickens even more, and maybe under the 6 mm. More space will allow to fit maybe even more memory, and foremost larger battery for power hungry device. It is expected that the iPhone 6 will be presenting new battery with over 2.500 mAh capacity.

Regarding the camera, Apple pushes the bar with every generation. For now trend was growing in pixel size and not growing in their number, because larger pixel perform better specially in the low light conditions.

From all iOS versions till now, the latest iOS 7 is the version with least user complaints what so ever. But there are still room for improvement, better cloud services integration for start.