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Der Standard, Austrian news portal has publised news story about iPhone. The news was about a Austrian T-mobile press conference, where the T-mobile is stating that the Austria will be the first country where the next generation of the iPhone will be released.

iPhone 3G version - first in Austria

Officially sales of iPhone first generation has started in Austria just few mounts ago, but there is possibility that the Austrian market will be training ground for iPhone 3G.

These news are still have not appeared on T-mobile site, but the Fcklog site has stated that they got a comment from T-mobile that they are going to introduce UMTS version ( 3G version ) of iPhone on their network, but still they can not give official announcements.

This kind of scenaro can be quite possible, Austria with their 8 million population has been virtually absorb over 80 000 iPhones in only  2 months of sales. Also another thing that can backup this story is that Austria has one of the best UMTS – 3G network in the world.

It is a bit suspicion that there are no official information about this alleged release of next generation iPhone, but with best 3G network infrastructure and great amount of tourists expected for Europe’s soccer chancellorship, it can be easily be true.