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Shortage of iPhones in Apple stores in USA and delayed shipping from Apple online store has started new avalanche of rumors.

There are lots of rumors that Apple is selling out its stock in order to launch new iPhone version – often called iPhone 2.0 . Why are there so many speculations about next iPhone version appearing, cause the current version of iPhone is using quite old technology for network access. And everyone is expecting that Apple includes faster 3G network access support in their next iPhone – actually it was expected for the first version but we got only Edge support in it. It’s a bestseller even with old technology used isn’t it?

Some market analysts, based on current shortage and other market events says that we are very very near new version of iPhone, even before than anticipated.

On the other side, other analysts have totally different prospective on current iPhone shortage. The iPhone shortage is too selective and in that case can not be taken as a respective indicator of new model launch.

Nevertheless, all analysts are joined on the opinion that we are expecting to see new 3G iPhone model to be introduced around mid-year.

Also Apple company has send and official response to those rumors, it which they stated that cause of extremely high demand they have some problems in distribution. And that the shops are restocked almost everyday.

Just that, with no information about preparing next version, what did you expect ;) All we can do now is to wait for that mid-year term and see.